Doctoral Research Supervision and Appraisal System


Quality research has always been fundamental to the intellectual development of the human being. This intellectual enhancement helps using the vital resources most optimally. Quality research has been the foundation of quality education. This not only helps a human being in the enhancement of their knowledge and skills but also helps them to transform the knowledge in the most productive way.

In academic research, Doctoral Research has an important role. Further, people with doctoral research degrees always have great regards in intellectual society.

DRSAAS (Doctoral Research Supervision and Appraisal System) has been designed and developed with a purpose to bring transparency in the entire process of Doctoral Research.

Right from the beginning, even before Scholars starts doing research on the proposed topic, we @MENTit have tried to make that process smooth and transparent. Now, starting from the Research Course work till submission and defending of the doctoral research everything has been made virtual.

DRSAAS has tried to bring all stakeholders including, Research Scholars, Internal Research Mentors, External Research Mentors, Head of the Research Department, Vice Chancellors and other concerned people on to a single platform. Clicking of the mouse, all stakeholders can see the progress of the work being done by the Research Scholars at the click of the mouse. Further, the advice for Modifications, Corrections, improvement, etc could be submitted at the click of the mouse. Any person sitting any part of the worlds can see the progress and also would be able to take advantage as a source for their future research.

There is no chance and scope for the plagiarism and quality of research is going to be improved without any doubt.

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